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Wright Property's Lisa Coloured Happy!


Taking part yesterday in the messy fun run of Barnstaple's inaugural Colour Me Happy event was The Wright Property's very own Lisa Weatherley-Taylor (pictured). The North Devon Hospice-organised event saw 700 participants running the three kilometre track around Newport's Rock Park, as volunteers pelted them with pots of dry powder paint. Surviving this chaotic kaleidoscope with her children in tow, Lisa remarked, "It was more knackering than I thought it was going to be. Plus, I had to keep re-arranging my underwear! The madness was matched by the fun though - really great family day out and lots of money-raising for a terrific cause."

With more than 800 in attendance the event has been hailed as a huge success by organisers, who hope to return again next year.

Would Lisa though? "Yes, totally. My bath might finally be free of the poster paint by then!"


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