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Introducing: John Mayers!


The Wright Property are pleased to introduce new Property Negotiator John Mayers to the team. Taking over from the departing Miles, John is keen to get cracking in the busy world of property sales and letting.

"I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a challenge and a lot to learn but yeah, it'll be nice," he commented, mid-way through a training session.

Utilising his former work in data sales and SEO, John will be handling client and customer enquiries, including undertaking viewings across North Devon's varied and wide catchment area. If you see him about, wave your limbs off at his face to make him feel a little warm inside. Or scared.

John lists his hobbies as skiiing, gaming, reading, and being asked what his hobbies are.

Welcome to the team John!


Are you called John? Or is your name something else entirely?

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