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Ta-ra Tanya!


Dry your eyes, Wrights...


It's been nineteen years and a lot of cakes (no seriously, a lot. We simply don't know where she put them), but our beloved Tanya Bryant is upping anchor and shipping off into the sunset for good. If we didn't all like gossiping so much we'd be at a loss for words.

Taking her expertise, enviably relaxed attitude, and penchant for biscuits elsewhere, we’ll miss every inch of her calming, authoritative office presence. Even worse than that, we’re down one person to make the tea. Mind you, one fewer drink to make so every silver lining and that.

Of her shock departure, Tanya said, “Miles, please stop making up quotes for these news stories you write,” before adding, “You were my favourite colleague and I’ll miss you the most.”

In all sincerity for one brief moment – Tanya, you are irreplaceable and we will miss you like Bambi misses his Mother.


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