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Miles Away


Grab your Kleenex and daub your leaky holes - it's Property Negotiator Miles Hamer's final day working for Team Wright. After almost eight years of opening doors and explaining patiently that when the advert says no pets, that includes Alsatians, the blond stunner is finally hanging up his property fists for good, reducing the overall office sexiness by a whopping 70%.


"I've genuinely enjoyed working here, meeting all of North Devon's furthest and finest," he remarked, staring nonchalantly into the middle distance. "Not to mention my colleagues. Great people like my boss Claire and others such as, erm, Tom."

"Tim," corrected Tim.

"Yeah, whatever. I think what we're all getting from this, is that I will be missed sorely. Perhaps regretfully."

Miles paused. "No, 'sorely'. That other one doesn't make any sense."


Handing over his badge and gun ("Don't remember issuing you with those," said Tom or Tim), Miles chuckled manfully as he reminisced over the great times with colleagues such as Tony.

"You know what Terry," he started.

"It's Tim," replied Tim.

"You know what Tito, we had some perfectly acceptable times here, didn't we? I'm sorry you're leaving."

"I'm not leaving."

"Aren't you?"

"No. You are."

"Whatever you say, Tarquin. I must say it's very nice you're giving me all this stuff as a leaving present," exclaimed Miles, picking up a computer monitor.

"Erm, no we need those," said Thomas Tito Tarquin Jim Tim.


Leaving to pursue indepenent writing interests, Miles has been warned not to use this final news piece as a way to sell his creative wares. As such, he won't be mentioning that he is available for features, interviews, and copywriting at very reasonable rates and is reachable at [email protected] As we said, he won't mention that because to do so would be crass and opportunistic. So, don't go thinking that he'll be mentioning again that he is available for features, interviews, and copywriting at very reasonable rates and is reachable at [email protected] Because I - I mean he - won't.

Bye then.


Have you just written your own goodbye story? Bit weird, wasn't it? Well, if you like doing that and phoning numbers then - for the last time;

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