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Iron Jon 2


Continuing to make his colleagues gasp in open-mouthed astonishment is Wright Property Director Jon Gay, who this past weekend completed the punishing annual Wimbeball 70.3 Iron Man challenge. In a tough competition which saw just 60% of the entrants make it past the finishing line, Jon managed a tremendous 6 hours and 57 minutes, well inside the 8 hour 30 minute cut-off time.

Completing a 2km swim, 56 mile bike ride, and 13 mile run, Jon was especially pleased with his swim considering, “three months ago I could only swim a few lengths of breast stroke!”

He found the bike ride a little more forgiving, given that last year he cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats for charity, but the half marathon run he proclaimed as, “Hell! My knee was agony with an old rugby injury. It’s the reason I don’t run much!”

Fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support, he is asking for donations to the charity in support of a family friend who has been recently suffering from the disease.

If you would like to support Jon, you can click the link here.


Are you an Iron Man? Or an Ant-Man? Or perhaps you’re Batgirl? Or maybe the Hulk? You could be Wolverine, I suppose. Either way, you’re OUR hero.

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