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Last call for back dated small business rate relief


News from Tim Hickman in our Commercial department of something many business owners might be unaware of:

Small business are entittled to Business Rates Relief. Basically, if your rated value is under 6k per year, you should be paying nothing. This is followed by 10% for anything up to the next 12k. Therefore someone who has a rateable value of 9k should only be paying £300 per year. Businesses of between 12 & 18k are also allowed to apply on an individual basis.
Now here's the important bit: This can also be back awarded for up to 5 years, but only if applied for before the end of this month (31st March 2016). After that, you will only be able to apply from that time forward.
This is a very simple thing to fill out and anyone can apply. 
Please feel free to call Tim if in any doubt (01271 377333), but please don't delay. There is a cut off point.
Many cold callers are offering to do this for you, but they are charging 25% of the sum saved. It's only 2 sheets of A4 to fill in to apply.
Hope you can save some money!

Link below:

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