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As part of their continued sponsorship of Barnstaple Rugby Club, Wright Commercial is proud to reveal the newly installed scoreboard at Pottington Road. Pictured are Tim Hickman of Wright Commercial and Chiefs Captain Winston James. “There is a scoreboard in place but it is only for 1st team use” explained Tim. “The 2nds (Athletic) and 3rds (Buccanears) and all of the younger teams such as the Colts etc were unable to show score lines. This included the hordes of youngsters who play and train on a Sunday.”

The new board is double sided so can be utilised by both main pitches simultaneously and does not rely on electronics as it is actually manual despite its smart digital look.

“We are committed to our sponsorship of Barum and are really pleased to be able to help in improving the club in any way we can” added Tim.

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