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News from Tim Hickman in our Commercial Department:

Are you black with yellow stripes (or is that yellow with black stripes)? I only ask because it seems that more and more we are all being treated like drones. National retailers, planning committees, indeed governing bodies and decision makers in general appear to consider the general public (us) as little more than cannon fodder for their latest schemes.

If, like me, you have a fondness for paved over soulless expanses of dull, out-of-the-box retail hives filled with the usual generic national retailers then you will be particularly keen on the latest scheme from the ‘powers that be’.

In an effort to justify the (unnecessary) building of a new leisure centre, it is proposed that Seven Brethren be re-developed to provide, amongst other things, a multiplex cinema, new hotel, shops, restaurants and housing. Which is great because I feel we probably need all of those.

Except we don’t. We already have them and where they should be – in the town centre: Scott’s Cinema (4 screens soon to be 7), 4 Brend Hotels and assorted ‘Premier-lodges’, Green Lanes Shopping Centre, High Street etc, etc.

At Anchor Wood, Asda managed to build a supermarket- by- stealth as part of a 2 phase development, the second part of which is for, you guessed it, all of the above.

Perhaps we should just put a huge magnet on the other side of the river Taw, suck the life out of the town centre and be done with it.

What’s unique about Barnstaple? Answers on a postcard please.

Entries no later than completion of this ill thought out act of self- immolation because, by then, nothing will be.

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