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Barnstaple Marathon Update: Miles Drops Miles (But Dan Soldiers On)


In a shock move that will stun literally nobody, exercise-shy Property Negotiator Miles has halved his intended run this September, brining his full Marathon down to thirteen miles.

"I just haven't invested the time to train for a full twenty six miles. Training for a marathon is a full time hobby, and sadly, other priorities have taken precedence. As such, am dropping down to a trusty half marathon,” explained Miles.

Accounts Manager Daniel Stanbury however, is gearing up for the full 26.2 mile challenge, having recently completed his 16 mile run of the stage.

“It was a hell of a long way, and I don’t know how I’m going to do another ten miles!” remarked Dan. “I will though,” he added, unnecessarily.

Director Jon Gay, also in the frame for the full run, has as yet completed no training whatsoever. Being the most athletic and superhuman of The Wright Property crew however, he’s likely to turn up on the day and nonchalantly complete it without producing a single bead of sweat.

The Wright Property is a proud sponsor of this year’s Barnstaple Marathon and Half Marathon. You can enter the race here or visit their official beneficiary charity, the Children Hospice South West, here.


Running a marathon? Running a half marathon? Halving a run? We've done the lot!

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