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Barnstaple Marathon Update: Dan Drops Miles!


Barnstaple Marathon athlete Daniel Stanbury has announced dramatically his plans to HALVE his intended September run, taking the full 26.2 miles down to a paltry 13.1. Following team mate Miles Hamer's similar shock decision last month, the Wright Property Accounts Manager is set to compete just the first leg of the route, despite insistence merely weeks ago that he wouldn't.

"I wimped out," he admitted candidly to his stunned fanbase. "I felt pains that I shouldn't be feeling, so I made the crushing decision that I'm just not up to it." 

With only two weeks to go until race day, Team Wright's success in the full event now rests on the stamina of Director Jon Gay and guest runner Frances Rhodes, a veteran of many a marathon. Sponsoring the event, The Wright Property will be on hand to refresh runners during the day at the Fremington water station. 

Daniel's still in training for the event, which sees him pelting across Barnstaple's highways and paths. If you see him, why not give him a wave? Or a crisp. He loves crisps.

"Yes, I do love crisps," concurs Dan. See?


Love crisps? Love running? Love running on crisps? Well, that's kind of weird.

Either way, The Wright Property would like to hear from you!

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