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Heroic Effort from our Marathon Runners


Overcoming everything in their path Adam and Rob both ran the London Marathon on Sunday on behalf of LAM Action. 

Driving up early on Saturday morning to find their feet in London, Adam Yeo and Rob Weatherly prepared for the run. Joining the ranks of some 47, 000 other runners on Sunday morning, they set off at 10:00am. 

Rob who has been in training for the last 5 months managed to whizz round and finished with a time of 4 hours 25 minutes. He said after the race "For me i can only say that the pain i experienced today for the last four miles i hope i never go through again. The desire to stop was almost breaking me. 
But i kept thinking about the daily pain that all the brave women who have lam have to go through. 
I would gladly take leg pain anyday. 
I hope with all my heart that every penny we raise brings you all one step closer to a cure." 

Adam who has been suffering from an inflamed ligament did incredibly well finishing with a time of 5 hours 21 minutes.

In total our brave boys raised over £3,100 for LAM Action to help fund research for a cure. If you'd like to find out more please visit: 


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